Build Habits
Finish Tasks
Achieve Goals

Achieve the things that matter with Motidayt for Android and iOS. Why use separate habit tracker, task manager, to do list and notes apps? Get it all done in one free app with Motidayt.

Productivity Essentials in One App

Build and maintain habits, stay on top of your to dos, schedule tasks, and keep and review notes. All in one place.

Habit Tracker

Set weekly goals for habits and see your progress.

To Do List

Prioritize to dos and review them at a glance.


Schedule time-sensitive tasks in calendar view.


Keep, categorize, and easily review notes.

Free and

Most apps limit you to just a few tasks or habits in their “free” versions.
With Motidayt you can create all the tasks, habits, and notes you want – no annoying limits and no signup needed.

Built for Productivity

Prioritized To Dos

Prioritize tasks by your most precious resource - time.

Scheduled Tasks

Plan and review scheduled tasks in calendar view.

Habit Targets

Set weekly goals for habits and see your progress.

Hot Streaks

Optional habit hot streaks for added motivation.

Auto Review

Keep long-term goals in mind with periodic auto review.

Tags & Categories

Organize notes with custom categories and tags.

Archive Notes

Archive learned notes and review them easily.

Daily Intention

Set an intention not just for what to do but how to be.


Get reminder notifications at the times you choose.

Dark Mode

Light or dark mode, matched to your device settings.

Achieve your Goals with Motidayt

Get the tools to achieve your goals and live your optimal life.

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