Build Habits
Finish Tasks
Achieve Goals

Achieve the things that matter with Motidayt. Why use separate habit tracker, task manager and to do list apps to plan and manage your day? Get everything done in one app with Motidayt.

Productivity Essentials in One App

Build life-changing habits, manage tasks with ease, and conquer your to do list. All in one place.

Habit Tracker

Set weekly goals for habits and see your progress.

To Do List

Prioritize short and long term tasks and review them at a glance.


Schedule and review time-based tasks in calendar view.

Simple Productivity for Real Life

Tired of complicated task managers that require you plan everything to the day? Or habit trackers that expect you to do every habit every day of the week?

Motidayt was built to meet the needs of real everyday life. Schedule tasks by date or simply prioritize by easy to manage timeframes. Set realistic, achievable weekly goals for habits and see your progress in real time.

Best of all, do it all in one place. So whether you’re managing daily tasks, planning long-term goals, or building life-changing habits, you’ll know exactly where to focus next.

Prioritize To Dos

Prioritize tasks by your most precious resource - time.

Schedule Tasks

Plan and review scheduled tasks in calendar view.

Track Habits

Set weekly goals for habits and see your progress.

Stay Motivated

Optional streaks and achievements keep you motivated.

Repeat Success

Repeat common tasks every week, month, year, or as needed.

Set an Intention

Set an optional daily intention for the person you'll be.

Stay Reminded

Get reminder notifications at times you choose.

Make It Your Own

Customize everything to productivity perfect.

Achieve your Goals with Motidayt

Get the all-in-one tool to achieve your goals and live your optimal life.

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